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Dec 31, 2012

ઓરીજીનલ-ભાગવત રહસ્ય બુક ની કેમેરા કોપી-૧૮૦ MB ફાઈલ

ભાગવત રહસ્ય-ઓરીજીનલ પ્રિન્ટેડ -કેમેરા કોપી-180 MB File-Will take very long time to download.

--Link will take you to Google Drive
--Where file will not open,but still at top left-arrow sign-click to down load.
--will say unscanned copy
--there is no download it.on your computer (180 mb FILE WILL TAKE TIME DEPENDING ON YOUR INTERNET SPEED-TO DOWNLOAD)
--file will be open with PDF viewer